Soul to Soul Parenting: A fireside chat with Annie Burnside

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MAY 15, 2012 Guest:  Annie Burnside with her book and knowledge regarding Soul to Soul Parenting. We are lucky to have Annie back on the show to discuss the deeper avenues of relating to our children.  We’ll dive into the importance of  family discussions, gratitude journals, role playing and how to crank up the joy of family life!  For those who would like to take the experience even further, stay tuned for information about her online class.  Every tip offered by Annie will enrich your life with family members of all ages, (and might work well at the office, too).

Join us Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. Pacific and 12:00 Central. Annie’s Web site


Hi Todd, Nila and staff,
Thanks for your continued support on my adventure across the US…..It has been an amazing journey so far,
And I can’t quite get over my accomplishments so far…..I’m here in Castle Rock, CO and tomorrow Colorado Springs
To see my brother and family….
The action hasn’t been very good in these bigger cities and so I’m hoping for something in Colorado Springs, CO….emailing
Everyone I can think of and Bill is following up with a phone call.
I’m feeling very well and doing well also…. Can’t wait to be able to speak again with Todd on May 29th, you truly have been
The best supporter each week with keeping the listeners updated.

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