By Todd Alan – and excerpt from his new book, Life Mastery Keys.


The word “Namaste” spoken in the Hindi language across India and the world by Indian people is a common greeting that means, “The spirit or light within me recognizes and honors the spirit or light in you.” You recognize and acknowledge the light that shines from others and the power of the light that shines from you as well.

Many times I’ve heard the question, “How do you see the good in other people when there’s so much bad in the world?”

My answer is if you love and appreciate Spirit first, then it starts becoming easier to love and appreciate other people. Besides you can’t have the good without the bad. They’re merely bookends on the same shelf.

When you start seeing the good in others it’s also much easier to begin seeing the good, loving, compassionate, kind, funny, creative, intelligent aspects of you. Many people find their ability to accept and appreciate the differences in people grows as they
let Spirit in their lives.

It’s a positive, upward spiral that allows the conditions of your life and your thoughts about your life grow better.

As a constant reminder of their positive and negative thoughts many people will put a rubber band around one wrist in the morning. When they recognize a negative thought popping up they’ll switch the rubber band to the other wrist.

The idea is to gradually keep the rubber band on the same wrist all day long. Make a commitment to your own spiritual and personal growth to better yourself. It will keep you in the groove and over time begin transforming your life.

Whether it’s part of an organized religion or you do your own thing it’ll be easier for you to recognize Spirit in other people and see them for who they are without judgment.

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