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Hosts of the nationally acclaimed radio talk show Holistic Living interview Barbara Marx Hubbard the founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, providing tools and technology to effect desperately needed changes for today’s world to discuss the new movie Visions of a Universal Humanity

The rapidly expanding world leader in live internet talk radio and online video, Voice America announced today that the pioneer of evolutionary inquiry Barbara Marx Hubbard will share her thoughts and insights on the new human condition she calls ‘Conscious Evolution’. She will be sharing this world view live on the Holistic Living talk show with hosts Tina Marie and Todd Alan ( , June 29th at 12 Noon Central Time.

This special interview on Holistic Living promises to reveal how Barbara’s latest movie, VISIONS will take us across the ‘evolutionary gap’ from here — a warring, polluting, over-populating species on the brink of self destruction, to there, — a cocreative, universal humanity at the dawn of the first Universal Age of Conscious Evolution, a future filled with infinite possibilities.

Nationally syndicated talk show hosts, Tina Marie and Todd Alan welcome Barbara Marx Hubbard as a guest on Holistic Living to discuss her latest movie, Visions of a Universal Humanity which promises to take us beyond NOW, and beyond 2012, focusing on the new intelligences available to humanity.

The movie shares that when we view these new capacities with ‘evolutionary eyes’ as the culmination of humanity’s 14 billion year journey from the Big Bang to where we are now, the design or pattern beneath the physical world that activates the continuous emergence of greater consciousness, freedom and order in the universe comes into sharper focus.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, the Head of the Foundation, Conscious Evolution dedicated to the advancement of the human condition and the inner quality of life of our communities and society. As a pioneer questioning the true nature of human evolution from both scientific and philosophic perspectives she has devoted her lifework to programs that enable and empower individuals and communities to develop evolutionary competence so that they can create their desired future. She has made significant contributions to the cause of Conscious Evolution as an author, a public speaker, and evolutionary agent.

In 1945 the United State dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and the world caught its breath. This pivotal event deeply impacted the young Barbara Marx Hubbard, who found herself asking President Eisenhower, “What is the meaning of our power that is good”? Barbara’s 40+ year inquiry, and the answers she has found, offer invaluable assistance to us all at this time in our history. Despite the state of the world, we are truly on the threshold of great possibility, of our own conscious evolution.

This special interview will air on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 12:00 P.M. Central on Voice America’s Health & Wellness Channel. “Holistic Living with Tina Marie and Todd Alan” airs live weekly Tuesdays at 10 a.m. Pacific / 12 p.m. Central / 1 p.m. Eastern on The Voice America Health & Wellness Channel. To access the show, log on at HYPERLINK “”

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ABOUT Tina Marie Jones:

Always impassioned by health, healing and the spiritual connection to the human body, Tina Marie has become a voice of reason in a world where information overload seems to cloud out decision making processes. Her ability to get to the essence of the situation and the ease of her style has her listeners tuning in each week ready for their dose of healthy living. Tina Marie brings a culmination of all the teachings she has pursued over the years. From her degrees in Holistic Nutrition to her training in Spiritual Healing and Personal Counseling, she takes time to listen and connect with each guest in a sacred and supportive manner. Tina Marie is a true model of following your heart, living in balance and being in connection with the divine powers that guide our days. Tina Marie is a nutritional consultant who sees clients in her clinic and in remote offices worldwide. She keeps herself fit, educated and available to her family and clients. Despite the sense of humor, Tina Marie takes what she does very seriously. “We are in a war for our health”, she quotes and is ready to be on the battleground for all her clients. The founder and President of Optimal Health Corporation, Optimal Health Consulting, and Optimal Health Education, Tina Marie is committed to the serving the health and understanding her clients through education, hands on experiential lessons, and one-on-one support. ( HYPERLINK “”

About Todd Alan

Todd Alan is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant, he considers himself to be a modern day wizard practiced in the science of dynamic alchemy. Todd Alan’s mission is to light the path that leads others to the fire; lighting the fire in the hearts of others. Todd’s motto is “people of the earth can you here me” Now since he has joined up with Tina Marie it has become a mutual motto “people of the earth can you here us”. Empowering the people toward positive change is Todd Alan and Tina Marie’s vision, through media. Todd Alan recently joined Tina Marie as a host of Holistic Living, adding a little more to the meta-physical angle of living holistically. Todd Alan is a successful entrepreneur and has spent many years studying success, happiness and well being using the process and science of dynamic alchemy. ( HYPERLINK “”

ABOUT VoiceAmerica:

(OTC.BB MDVX), VoiceAmerica is the leading producer and distributor of online talk radio content, streaming approximately 250 hours of live programs and scheduled replays weekly on its VoiceAmerica™ Network ( HYPERLINK “” Voice America is a pioneer in internet broadcasting, producing and syndicating online audio and video, and offering innovative, effective and comprehensive online tools for reaching targeted niche communities worldwide.

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