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When Tatiana Jerome had a bad experience with a relationship breakup, she explored her feelings by communicating with other women on social media.  Facing her pain and challenges helped her heal and move beyond her broken heart.  Not only did she take responsibility for her part, but she claimed a better understanding of what would make her happy.  Her insightful posts and blogs went viral, and soon other women were coming to her for advice and support.

Tatiana is the author of Love Lost, Love Found, published by New World Library.  Her book is a woman-to-woman conversation that grew out of Tatiana’s experiences, as well as other situations  shared by her coaching clients.  The advice in this book helps women heal and welcome new love into their lives.


As always, we encourage you to call in and speak with the guest about key points, such as:
–self-sabotaging behaviors
–how to love yourself first and foremost
–how to claim spiritual techniques in love

…..and other tools to keep that build confidence and motivate one through the search for lasting love.

Uplifting and honest, Tatiana’s book helps her readers ask the difficult questions and face reality while  prioritizing self-respect, self-care, and self-confidence.

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