Blog post for November 13, 2012: Bringing Feng Shui Into Your Awareness

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Todd and I just returned from a tropical rest in Maui’s rain forest  where the days are full of sun and the evenings bring windy, hard rains that replenish the air for a new day.  The climate is so unlike my typical day in Seattle, and so refreshing, that it made our return somewhat bittersweet.

This morning, we plugged in the equipment for the radio show and joined Cathleen McCandless for an adventure in Feng Shui.  I told her that I had been thinking about how I felt soaking up the balmy nature of Maui and she said the it is a magical place.  Coming from a Feng Shui expert, such news was very intriguing!  As it turns out, Feng Shui literally means the balance of wind and water.  AH HA!!  No wonder my senses were soothed in Maui!  It’s full of water and wind, and just as Cathleen said, one can easily feel how the two work in harmony together, naturally achieving a unique balance.

So, could it be that we all possess an inner knowing of what calms our being and what stirs it up?  According to Cathleen McCandless, “Even Goldielocks knew if her chair was too soft or too hard.”  We, too, know what feels good when we are on vacation or resting in our own homes, and honoring this “feel good” ideal is the most basic of several principles behind Feng Shui.

Of course, Cathleen’s expertise has helped individuals and corporations reach optimal goals of providing comfort and flow to specific environments.  Yet I love the fact that our own awareness can be used to gage what truly makes sense, feels inviting, and welcomes us home.  Feng Shui is not about superstition or an ancient tride-n-true methodology using trinkets and magic. It is about our ability to be aware, connect, and sense what’s comfortable even when we find ourselves miles away from our familiar settings.

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