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Our focus on “The Zone” turned into a very active show!  Mark Wenner, an extreme skier, facilitated his ideas about connecting with Source and how he lets it be the motivator and recovery agent in his life as well as the lives of famous athletes he has sponsored, such as Michael Jordan. I believe his story will captivate the attention of millions in his soon-to-be released docudrama, “Tapping Universal Source.”

Another athlete and extraordinaire, Patricia Hansen, joined the show to share her experience on the road, riding her bicycle across the US to raise funds, but most importantly, to raise awareness about the millions of hungry people in our communities.  Her excursion will take her from the Northwest to the corners of the Northeast, and there she will celebrate her success and her 70th birthday!  Wow!!

All of this excitement was also fueled by the intuitive and empathic coach, DeAnna Maria DiFabio, who joined the show as a co-host for the day and offered elated messages about tapping into our source–that higher connection available to all.  She asked thoughtful questions that gave me goose bumps and led to comments from Mark such as this:  “Michael Jordan’s deceased father spoke to him” at the finale of a game because he was connected in his zone–a skill that Wenner helped him reach–and the movie will help you, too!  The Zone is for everyone!  Check out the discussion taking place at:  It sounds quite mysterious, but, “The Zone is an experience” that audiences will feel right away, claims Wenner.

Todd Alan and Mark had a fantastic conversation about some of our most successful athletes and how they “leave behind their ego” to benefit the kids and be an inspiration to others on a very humbling but motivational level.  I encourage you to listen to the podcast and feel the healing energy and inspiration.  A final quote I’d like to leave you with to ponder from Mark Wenner, “There’s no such thing as an aging brain.”  Now there’s inspiration 🙂


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