Todd Alan


Todd Alan offers you a live show each week with thought-leaders, authors, and spiritually guided dynamo’s who set your week in the right direction!

TODD ALAN considers himself to be a modern day wizard inspired by metaphysics.  Todd’s motto is “People of the Earth, can you hear me?”  Now, since the creation of Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan in 2012, a few hundred-thousand people are listening.

Todd understands his purpose in life is to serve his fellow mankind.  “The whole point of our lives is to develop connecting relationships.”  Trained by Mary Manin Morrissey, Alan Cohen, and the wise literature of Bill Wilson, Todd brings to the show a unique and empowering look into the workings of the human mind.  Todd is a successful entrepreneur and has spent many years studying success, happiness, and well-being.  Todd shares, “There is nothing that brings me greater joy than to see the light come into another’s eyes.”


If you’d like to be a guest on the show, contact:  Todd at mrtoddalan(dot)com

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