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The year 2103 is going to be all about a new level of power for many a magician, I really believe that. For those of us who can use the shake up of 2012 to appreciate the structures that remain for us to let go of, a flow towards an even higher potential than we ever dreamed of is in store for us. Living from our hearts, our greatness, will be such a wonderful and joy-filled experience – like being on drugs, in the sense of that awe at waking up to an amazingly heightened experience of life.

There is also no doubt in my mind that a lot of this transcendent shift in consciousness is a spontaneous function of the collective consciousness, outside of our individual control and design. We’re riding a wave of evolutionary advancement, an awakening to our higher nature and potential, which is really a deeper realization of the Divine nature of the Universe and our inherent connection to and involvement in that. In one sense it’s a quickening. I hope you don’t mind me comparing you and me to monkeys for a minute (it’s actually a real compliment), but this is very much to do with the 100th monkey effect. Scientists observing monkeys on an archipelago of islands found that when a certain number of monkeys (obviously around 100 or so) learned a new skill on one island, all the monkeys on the other islands spontaneously acquired the skill. So as more and more people explore the nature and possibility of human consciousness through everything from yoga and meditation to energetic healing, psychic development and creating our own reality, the more the energy released by this focus is made available to one and all us monkeys…er, humans, I mean.

At the same time, as many of us found out in 2012, if you’re not taking personal responsibility for keeping in alignment with the rising planetary vibration, then you can expect some uncomfortable dissonance, to say the least. The psychic shocks that  you experienced over the last year of the Mayan calendar were not created by random bombardments from aliens in outer space, but by the aspects of your identity that are now too far out of tune with our Collective Leading Vibration to carry on slipping by under the radar. These old beliefs, behaviors and patterns are, as they say, sticking out like dogs’ balls, waiting to to be chewed off. And I know I took a few bites there, I can tell you…even the occasional baseball bat!

So this is a year for sublime growth, and a year to practice being self consciously involved in that soul emergence. It’s time to take the trouble to see, and even to learn to see, what we’re investing our energy in. and whether that’s supporting our ideas of separation and limitation or our free spirited passion and contribution in life. The more we are going to use our will in steering ourselves along the path of our highest potential and destiny, the more we will luxuriate in being in harmony with the higher planetary vibration…and the more profoundly the higher planetary vibration will relate to us. It’s a symbiotic relationship, a cosmic synergy exercise. And a good year for magicians, if you use Colin Wilson’s definition of magic, which is to live your life guided by your intuition, your soul mode of awareness.

Self conscious participation is key, though. Sitting on the beach in my home town of Byron Bay you see the most magnificent surfing waves rolling in, but to experience the thrill of riding one of these beautiful barrels on a board or even with your body, you have to catch it by paddling along with it until it scoops you into it’s momentum. Otherwise the wave just swells past you or crashes down on you. And that’s the secret right there: practice self awareness and right action and forces much bigger than you can comprehend will sweep you up into the life of your dreams.

Dearly Beloved, may you surf your way to your dreams and beyond in 2013.


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