Why Meditate? by Tina Marie

Holding the SunWe are spiritual beings having a physical experience. But how many of us go through our days not connected to the knowing that we are so much more than physical in nature? I know I could raise my hand to that question on many days. If you could contemplate for a moment your body as a vehicle of experience and learning and that the very mechanisms of learning, if likened to the tools we use to learn a particular discipline like painting where we require paints and a canvas, are for us our senses, our ego, and our thoughts, then you will begin to see that we can use these tools of learning to shape the very picture we draw onto the canvas of our lives.

Keeping in perspective the full picture that forms the canvas of our lives requires stillness to connect with the knowing that we are so much more than physical. It has been suggested by many cultures a practice of stillness called meditation, where we allow the human physical experience to take a back seat for a moment and we reach into or out to, whichever your focal point, a place that holds keys to new ideas, new thoughts, greater perception, imagination, peace and love. Now for the analytical mind, of which I have trained and worked with many, and consider myself to be one, connecting to an unseen space, that elicits feelings of love may at first seem too new age or reminiscent of the hippie era, but trust me many geniuses, world leaders, people whom you and I would consider masters at their trades utilized the very practice of meditation to obtain their degree of mastery.

Albert Einstein sticking tongue out

Albert Einstein

People like Thomas Edison, who took his famed cat naps, Thomas Jefferson, who went into his study to ponder, Henry David Thoreau who escaped to Walden for over 2 years to ‘suck the marrow out of life’, Albert Einstein, who knew the mind experiencing the problem was not the mind that would solve it all used their ability to connect to a higher knowing to master their craft.

For the student, which in fact we all are, I advise a daily practice of meditation to open the mind and create a discipline of focus. I truly believe the advent of ADD and ADHD and other labeled disorders that we are supposedly inflicted with are all remedied through the use of meditation. Teaching an ADD child (or adult) the practice of meditation is like getting a hummingbird to sit on your hand for an hour but it ispossible, so keep hope if your mind in one that wanders.

Meditation is a personal devotion to the knowing that we are much more than our physical forms and that in order for the physical form to serve from a more purposeful, masterful space in our day, we must begin the day with a ‘tapping in’ to that which fuels our spirit – the timeless, shapeless, cloud of knowing.

When you reach an impasse, feel frustrated, hear more negative talk in your mind or out of your mouth than you would care be in company with, find a place to be still, breathe into the calmness that is always accessible and know that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not the other way round.

Blessings, Tina Marie

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