What keeps you up at night?, by Tina Marie

If you are like 40% of Americans,  you will suffer from a bout of insomnia at some time this year. Doctors are reporting an increase of insomnia type symptoms in patients, which some are relating to the increase in stress, worry and concerns for our jobs, savings, relationships and health. What can you do to not become a statistic? A teacher of mind has a great suggestion, taught to her by her mentor. In the face of a situation where you might choose to panic, wait 48 hours. Tell yourself, if the conditions that are facing me right now have not changed in 48 hours or are worse, then I will panic. Most of the things we worry about, lose sleep over, and obsess with in our minds, do not come true or are less of a situation than our minds make them to be at the beginning. Of course, if a bear were charging me, I would get the heck out of the way. No chance to worry when all I can do it react. You get the point. No obsessing and driving yourself and others around you crazy. Give yourself permission to panic after 48 hours. When we open our minds to not panicking, opportunities present themselves that otherwise would not have been seen in our haste.

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