Unraveling the holds of the Zodiac

With all the confusion amassed by the recent change in the Zodiac, are we ready to take a deeper look in our own superstitions, and dependencies upon a belief system
based on the stars?

Something many people thought had already been figured out and was a constant in their lives has changed, and with it the thoughts of “who am I really?”.

The addition of the 13th sign, Ophiuchus into the Zodiac has stirred up a astrological soup and with it, our attachments to the faith we had placed on a quasi-science based philosophy that has linked itself to astronomy for thousands of years.

Astronomers know that the Earth’s wobble changes the positioning of the constellations relative to the horizon. Parke Kunkle, and Instructor at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, explained that astronomers have known of this for a long while.

“Astronomers have known about this since about 130 B.C.,” Kunkle said, “This is not new news. Almost every astronomy class talks about it.” Astronomers do not use constellations in the same way as astrologers, there is no attachment to personality types, they are only points on a map.
So what does this mean to our look into ourselves? Have you ever questioned how superstitious you may be and what attachments you may have to external forces acting upon your daily life?

With the addition of a new sign, and the subsequent shifting of the entire Zodiac, how will your personality be affected?

Rebecca Reisen comments that, “I have always thought that I was a little of all the Zodiac signs and that no one ever seemed ‘quite me’. I am anxious to see what personality traits the Ophiuchus sign has, now that I am one.”

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