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October 22, 2013 Guests: The Thrive Doctors are a dynamic duo–Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario are fully licensed practicing physicians, husband and wife, who teach the science behind what makes us well and how to turn on your life force to consistently experience vitality.

In traditional medicine, physicians focus on pathology and disease, using medical interventions to fight against these entities. This works to prevent death and illness, but does nothing to foster thriving, the experience of full vitality and aliveness.

After years in medical practice it has become evident to both Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario that the highest good they could do as physicians was to make patients aware of the source of wellness within themselves and educate them in how to open it up. They have applied these principles in their own lives and found reliable ways to work with this source within to channel it into what they most want to experience in their own lives.

There is an art and a science to thriving. The art is the right-brained intuitive awareness of what is called for in any given moment. Life is constantly changing, so to know what is needed, we must connect with our truth in the moment. It is this deeper truth guides that guides us in making choices that bring us into a state of thriving. The science of thrivology stems from a new understanding of our universe. Quantum physics, the scientific model that describes the smallest particles that make up all known matter, gives us a new understanding of how our mind-body works and is integrated. Understanding the science supports us in applying our truth in ways we can reliably use to succeed.

The Thrive Doctors website http://thethrivedoctors.com/

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