Energetic Fiona Maguire

Listen in as Fiona Maguire discusses ways to quickly and effectively shift YOUR life into one that is purposeful and aligned in your true values. Follow twitter and visit her website, http://www.RealEnergy4All.com
She is direct, delightful and dynamic in her gentile approach. It is <a possible to Spontaneously Let go of pain and heal through her Key To Awareness Program.

Fiona Maguire, Energetic, Intuitive Coach

July 26th 2011 segment 4 Guest: Fiona Maguire, visionary, energetic,  intuitive coach, International Speaker shares with us her uncanny ability to cut through the chase and fulfill your life’s Real Energy. She can intuitively listen to your life’s story, feel and guides you through, letting go,gives you tools and how to rapidly achieve your full potential Listen is as her gentle, humble but direct approach assists you to your highest becoming.Visit her website: www.RealEnergy4All.com Click Here for a free gift from Fiona