Unleash the Artist Within

On our recent show, Eric Maisel taught us to “unleash the artist within”. More than a directive, it also happens to be the title of one of his more than 50 books.

Creativity is a broad subject, and one which Dr. Maisel has made his message for more than 30 years. It was then he noticed the lack of psychological help for performers, musicians, writers, artists, and the like. Artistic personalities have some particular issues with sadness, anxiety, and loneliness. Before Dr. Maisel began his work, there was little help (besides medication) for them.

We often use “narcissism” as a negative word describing individuals who seem self-centered and egotistical. However, Dr. Maisel suggests there is a good narcissist – the person who wants to make a difference in the world or life of others by using his/her particular “voice” – be it art or music, etc.

Creative personalities are often eccentric, leading to an area of study Dr. Maisel referred to as “anti-psychiatry”. He believes pharmaceutical companies are “bombarding the airwaves with a certain view” regarding behavior, and that “childhood has been diagnosed as a disorder”.

“Sadly, zero attention is paid to original personality. We all come into the world with our own sense of sadness, stubbornness, obsession, exuberance, etc.” and yet we are medicating kids because of who they are.

When relating the beginnings of his own childhood, Dr. Maisel described himself as “curious”, and was quick to comment “I’m still the same today”. He talked of family members, such as his parents who were a steady influence for him; but that, like most of us, he had a few relatives who were “batty.”

The conversation turned to the process which artists and creatives can take to “make meaning” in their purpose(s), rather than trying to “find meaning” in life. He cautioned that only a percentage of the work we do will be good, and we can me demoralized when our creations are not successful, or valued. Although this can be anxiety producing (especially when creativity is your livelihood) “YOU CAN’T SKIP THE STUFF THAT DOESN’T WORK”.

Dr. Maisel highly recommends a “morning creativity practice”. He gave reasons for this process, which he uses seven days a week. (Remember – he’s written more than 50 books!)

  1. Consistent practice provides a routine of productive thought.
  2. “Sleep thinking” happens in REM sleep, and your brain is providing you answers as you sleep. By spending your first awaking moments each morning on “output” rather than “input” you’ll have more clarity in your creativity.
  3. When you can “make meaning” first thing in the morning, then the rest of your day will change, knowing the real work has been done.

Brilliantly, Dr. Maisel used other phrases during his time with us:

  • Self-Talk – as long as it serves us
  • Affirm our abilities, and the belief that we matter
  • Don the mantle of “Meaning Maker”
  • Life has purpose(s) for us
  • Creating is lonely, but it’s noisy in there
  • Productive obsessions
  • Ceremonial bridge
  • Toxic criticism

You’ll benefit from hearing his interview with us, and you can listen at your convenience by clicking this link: Dr. Eric Maisel

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How to transform thoughts that do not serve you

I am reminded today by a share that my friend and mentor, Mary Morrissey sent to her subscription list of how very important it is to let go and put down those thoughts that no longer serve us. I have pasted in her share below for you to experience as well, but first, I invite you to dwell in the possibility that all around you, all that plagues your mind with worry or frustration today, originated first in thoughts that came into your perception.

Then consider that you have all the power to give or deny focus to any thought, any of them.

I had a client once tell me, but you do not know the power of the thoughts in my mind. “You do not know the worry that I have every day to feed my children, to keep the bills paid, to work harder that anyone so I do not lose my job. You do not know the level of pain I live with in this tired body. How can you say that all of this is but thoughts in my mind and that if I shift them, then it will not seem bad, but instead good?”

And I say to that, and the doubt, and the fear, and the not knowing in us that rises up and wants answers and immediate action “or else _____”, I say, “Do I know? YES, I Know.”

My very life, an experiment of grand proportions in pain, hurt, loss, betrayal, fear and agony, I know that when applied, the teachings of the power of thought, transform even the most close to death person, the full of despair and regret person, the person on the edge of taking their own life. I have seen it, I have lived it, I am now teaching it.

I know that as soon as you shift your perception of the situation and begin to ask, “What if?”, once you become curious about where you are, how you got here, what has formed this reality, once you get curious, Life changes. Life takes on the forms that you instill in it, so much so that you can mentally form a mold through which to pour the mix of  a life so wonderful, you overflow with Gratitude.

So today, put down the thoughts that plague you, they will be there tomorrow. Today, exist in a field of wonder, of curiosity. Ask the questions today of “What if?”

What if I loved my job, what would that look like?

What if I absolutely was head over heels in love with my spouse? What would that feel like?

What if I received a check for 5 million dollars today? What would I do with my time?

What if my body radiated with ultimate health and well being? What would I go do with my body to appreciate it?

Ask What if today…. share your thoughts and your experiences with us.

Post from Mary Morrissey

There is an ancient teaching story about two Buddhist monks walking along a river in silence. They have a vow of chastity –which includes many vows, but one of these vows of chastity requires that they never speak to, or ever touch, a woman.

As they walk up the river, they come upon a woman who is desperately trying to get across the river because her child is on the other side. It is a fast-flowing river and she is frightened to cross the river by herself. The one monk  walks over to her and says, “May I help you?” He picks her up and with the strength that he carries in his legs that walk mountains and valleys and streams as part of his work, he carries her across the river, sets her down, returns to join his fellow and they begin again to walk in silence.

About two hours later the second monk says to the first monk, “I can’t believe you carried that woman across the river. I can’t believe you touched her. I can’t believe that you broke your vows.”

The other monk simply looks at his companion and says, “I put her down two hours ago. You are still carrying her.”

It’s such a wonderful story about us simply learning to put something down.

Let’s consider what are we still carrying that really isn’t happening anymore. What are we still hanging onto that isn’t in our present moment?

Let’s put it down…And when we put that down, we now have our hands, our heart and our mind available to what’s here, right now.

Love to you all,

Tina Marie – The Evokateur