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author_port May 20, 2014.  Guest, Gregory Drambour, a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher joins us for a fireside chat about his first book, The Woodstock Bridge: A Journey to Discover Your Spirit.  Gregory immersed himself in the Native American culture after becoming sober 30 years ago and reclaiming his individual sacred journey. This book helps readers engage in a “deep listening” and seeing that everything in the world, from a Native American perspective, is alive.  He claims, “If you honor them, they will honor you.”  Today he offers his shamanic abilities in a deep collaboration with Mother Earth to support all who are seeking a personal and powerful sense of healing. Additionally, Gregory is a survivor of stage 4 cancer in which his forthcoming book, “Draw No Conclusions,” is a testimony of his experience.  He has also authored several stories available here:  For online Shamanic Training with Gregory, click here:  He is the owner of a premier spiritual retreat organization in Sedona, Arizona called Sedona Sacred Journeys.  

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