Self Sabotaging Language , by Tina Marie

Learning to love ourselves and want the best for ourselves includes loving others and making core changes in how we show up in our lives. As your support network, we want you to succeed in your weight loss goals. In your journals, make a note of any chatter you hear going on inside your head that would sound like sabotaging language. Our minds play tricks on us and sometimes keep us from our goals. Learn to tell the truth about the situation and come from a place of love and acceptance, for ourselves and others. You are worth it and we believe in you.

“Well I did what you said (the package said) and I still never lost weight”

“I have an old injury and can’t do that exercise”

“No matter how hard I try, I can’t …. “ it doesn’t seem….” “things just don’t change…”

“Well she did not call me so I …. “

“It’s not my fault that …. “

“My mother was always heavy too so….”

“I guess I just have to….”

“I know I am supposed to…” or “I oughta do this but….”

“I know they say you should ….” , “I should….”

“I do not ever have enough time to ….”

“I am not an early morning person”

“The human body was not designed to…”

“Well if I looked like ( ) then….”

“I will start tomorrow”

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