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You have a unique internal design for wealth. That formula is encoded in your soul blueprint, and like your fingerprint, it’s unlike that of any other human being. It’s called your Sacred Wealth Code, and it is written in the universal language of purpose and prosperity.

Today, we will feature the work of Prema Lee Gurreri and her book, Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose and Prosperity (already an Amazon #1 bestseller in multiple categories).  This extraordinary new book gives you the keys!

Prema defines wealth as everything you need to fulfill your greatest purpose on Earth…and that could include money, time, freedom, security, self-expression and service to others. She says that your desire for wealth is a major key to unlocking your “high value gifts and talents”-the ones no one else can do like you–and living the most amazing life possible-the life that fulfills your ultimate purpose. Your Sacred Wealth Code can be found by tracking the path of your high value gifts and talent.


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