Receiving Divine Telegrams with Renee Whitaker

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Photo Apr 19, 12 38 21 PMJuly 1, 2014.  Guest, Renee Whitaker, claims that the universe is sending you divine telegrams! If you receive them, they become blessings that guide your steps, enrich your life, protect your body, help you create, and caution you when you’re in danger. For many, this seems too good to be true, but such beliefs can hinder receipt of divine telegrams. Whitaker’s book released by Balboa Press in February 2014 strongly promotes this guidance system.  By opening yourself to possibilities, you will notice opportunities presented on a regular basis. Fear and anxiety will fall away only to be replaced by quiet confidence and an understanding that you are now safe in the universe.  After her 30-year career in counseling and education, Whitaker has spent 10 years conducting research for her book, Divine Telegram.  Learn more at her website:

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