Protect your Thyroid Naturally

Natural Thyroid Protection

By now you have heard of the increased demand for potassium iodide, (KI), the so-called “anti-radiation” pill, that is being hoarded by Americans all along the West coast., a large supplier already has a back order of 1 million pills, after having reportedly sold out its entire supply of 250,000 pills over the weekend. The KI was purchased by pharmacies, corporations, hospitals and nuclear labs serving Americans who, in spite of assurances by the U.S. government that its citizens are safe, fear that radiation from the damaged Japanese nuclear reactors will travel across the Pacific Ocean and contaminate them and their families.

Can one get KI naturally or do we need a pharmaceutical source?
There are natural supplements formulated for the thyroid gland that are available. The one we use here at HLS, through our supplier at Optimal Health Corporation, is simply named Thyroid – and retails for $40.

A person would take 1 pill a day which contains the recommended 100 mg of iodine sourced from natural sources in kelp, irish moss and dulse.
Although iodized table salt also contains iodine, it doesn’t contain enough to block radioactive iodine and should not be used as a substitute for KI.
We believe better safe than sorry.

Thyroid, by Empirical Labs
180 count
$40 plus shipping

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