It is the New Year and Todd Alan and I are celebrating with a new connection with the Daily Om!  You can now sign-up for classes that you take from home simply by clicking on the “online classes” tab and select any course that resonates with your new vibration for this exciting year!  Classes cost $1 – 100, and it all depends on your ability to pay.  Those who are in a position to pay full-price and those who really have no budget for continued education can all partake in the same learning.  Check out the vast scope of learning and pick a class today!  By accessing your courses through our website, you help the Daily Om AND Life Mastery Radio grow as a team.

Also, I am opening four seats for those who want to dive into the new year with support through my life coaching services.  I have more information on my website to help you take that first step! I encourage anyone who wants to focus on change in personal, family, or professional relationship, or perhaps roles, such as “the boss,” “the parent,” “the good daughter,” or “the newlywed” to consider answering and submitting the few questions posted by Coach Debby at  Feel free to send questions to

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