Never lose sight of your dream … watch this video.

Life comes at us at remarkable speeds. We wake to a lists of things to do, places to go, people who want our attention. Often in our days we seek refuge, a way to get away and find peace somewhere, anywhere. Sometimes we run from our own inner judgements and demands, failures and disappointments.

I share this video with you as your friend, one who has failed many, many times.One who has lost sight of her dream amidst opinions of others, of doubts of my abilities, of fear in the world, of comparing myself to others. I could write volumes on disappointments, betrayals, short comings and fear but that is not who or what I am, and it is not who or what you are either. We are much more, we are of that which made the Heavens and the Earth, of that which birthed nations and civilizations.

Take this time now to watch this video and know that we as a human planetary consciousness in physical form, unite to lift you up. No matter where you are, how alone you feel, how desperate it may seem, how painful the illness, how disappointing the circumstances, no matter how fearful your present may seem, there is ALWAYS an answer, support, love and honor for who and what you are.

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Fail forward my friends. Fail forward.And Never lose sight of your dream.

Tina Marie – The Evokateur.

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About Todd Alan

Todd Alan considers himself to be a modern day wizard practiced in the science of dynamic alchemy. Todd Alan’s mission is to light the path that leads others to the fire; lighting the fire in the hearts of others.

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