My Life’s purpose… what’s yours? by Tina Marie

My Life’s purpose… what’s yours?

Above all else I want peace and love to be experienced by all. My piece of the puzzle I have found comes in the area of health and healing. No one is truly happy and free to experience their world fully if they are living in fear. The number one fear I have felt resides in people is the fear of disease and illness. When we are of poor health we are diminished. When we are healthy and full of energy we can soar to the highest heights.

My life purpose is to help people know the immense healing power that resides within us in every moment. To have each person feel so in connection with that power that heals them, guides them and loves them that it is as automatic as breathing.

Yesterday I felt pain. I allowed it to sweep over me and did not resist. I felt the depth and totality of the pain as it felt timeless. The pain flowed not out of my body but into it as a messenger, and I a receptacle.

I asked myself…What opening has this pain taken residence in?
What is its purpose? I waited and listened.

The pain was universal, timeless, deep. I breathed it in and did not fear it. I gave it grace and knowing that all is well and in divine order. I cried deeply as it flowed through me. Faces of people I did not know came, looked and turned away. I blessed them all. As I bless you all.

So much pain is in the world today, on so many faces, in so many hearts.
We are in the middle of wars, fears for our safety, for our ways of life and all the while losing our connection with the divine flow that is us, living and expressing as us in this world here and now.

Today the pain is gone from my body but not the world.

Embrace another soul today – if not in body then in mind and in spirit. Touch someone’s heart and free them from the pain that resides there. Be a reminder of love, hope, grace and forgiveness.

I love you all, I bless you all. I embrace you all.
-Tina Marie

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Todd Alan considers himself to be a modern day wizard practiced in the science of dynamic alchemy. Todd Alan’s mission is to light the path that leads others to the fire; lighting the fire in the hearts of others.

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