Liver, Kidney, Lymphatic Cleanse

The path to optimal health relies on a system that is in balance. A balanced system is able to obtain its nutrients from the foods we take in, process the foods and nutrients without detriment to the body and eliminate all wastes safely and effectively. Many people rely on cleansing their bodies once or twice a year others have not ever considered what a cleanse is or what is can do for their personal health.

Starting a cleanse may seem easy based on packaging on many health products offered across the web and in our stores but cautions are suggested.

The body has organs and systems that naturally, when in good health, rid the body of toxins and maintain a homeostatic balance in our blood, digestive, endocrine, and elimination systems. When these systems operate optimally, disease and symptoms have little chance of taking hold.

The fist and most important organ in any cleanse in the liver. The liver performs numerous functions in cleaning our body, metabolizing sugars, fats, helping in the production of hormones, and eliminating wastes.

The second hard working organ(s) are the kidneys. Keeping the blood clean and free of toxins, balanced in minerals and electrolytes is not an easy job for these little guys, especially when we give our bodies high doses of sodas, coffee, alcohol, high sugar fruit juices and little water.

Lastly, when considering a cleanse the lymphatic system must be free and clear to remove wastes from our tissues. The immune system relies heavily on these pathways being in top working order. Imagine a freeway in a major city clogged with traffic. When we initiate a cleanse we do this to our lymphatic system.

Before starting any substantial intestinal, parasite, or blood cleanse, we need to first spend two weeks cleaning out these organs and systems. Below is an easy program to follow that assists in preparing your body for a major cleanse. I also recommend this program annually to keep our systems at optimal working order.

Milk Thistle Tea – 2 cups – 4 – 5 times a week for two weeks
Lemon Water – 10 ounces – 3 times a day for two weeks
(2 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice and 8 ounces of purified water)

Cranberry water – 10 ounces – 3 times a day for two weeks
(5 oz. pure cranberry juice and 5 oz. water)

Jogging, brisk walking, or rebounding at least 15 minutes a day
Dry brush skin brushing morning and evening head to toe each day for two weeks.

Coffee Enemas – for the adventurous types. 
Organic coffee – 1 quart diluted with 10 oz. purified water
Hold for 15 – 20 minutes in bowels twice a week for two weeks.

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