Getting to the Heart of CELLpH-Love with Marcy Neumann and Unlocking the Invisible Child with Laura Mayer

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July 24, 2012:  Featured guest, Marcy Neumann, will discuss “CELLpH” love, her creation of a set of  tools that foster how to love and honor the self.  Marcy is a registered nurse, spiritual minister, certified hypnotherapist, Reiki master level teacher, speaker and author.   Heartlites Incorporated  manufactures her award-winning spiritual/personal development products, programs, and educational materials that are based on the ‘Law of Attraction’ principles.  Her private practice embodies two of her powerful programs, CELLpH Love and Resistance Identification which are being recognized globally as the key to personal sustainability.  Her website:




Our spotlight guest is Laura Mayer, author of Unlocking the Invisible Child, who will share her story of physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.  In a recent Independence Day blog, Laura wrote, “When you’re free inside, you can be free in the choices you make in the external world.”  Laura is an occupational therapist, hands on healer, channel and motivational speaker

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