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July 3rd, 2012 Guest: Shajen Joy Aziz. Shajan is the Co-author and Executive Producer of Discover The Gift and Director of Operations at Equilibrium Entertainment, as well as a founding member of the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders.  Her book, Discover the Gift,  explores the basic but vital reality that there are innate gifts in every being and every  circumstance.  Now she brings a new collection of work to her readers, Andrew’s Sparkle to empower the children of today and offer support to the educators and parents that care for them. http://www.discoverthegift.com




Spotlight:  Patricia Ann Hansen and her journey across the US to raise money for the hungry.  On her behalf, Bill Leach and Michael Dugan will bring us the latest update.  Riding through Virginia, she faces the same situation as so many thousands back east with no electricity, food or water due to the massive storms; yet Patricia is still bicycling her way towards the finish line in Yorktown, VA. On July 7, she will celebrate her 70th Birthday. Her cause is titled, Feed the Need.  Please call Bill at 253-854-2956 if you are inspired in any way to spread the word and assist with a food drive in Yorktown. Click here to see a video


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