Create Value – Finding Value in what we give and what we get from life

We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. – Aristotle 384 B.C.-322 B.C., Greek philosopher and scientist, student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great

I love oatmeal. Today I read on the cylindrical canister of Quaker Oats, “Always a Value”
And I reflected on how true that statement really is in my relationship with Quaker Oats.
The quality of oats is perfect every time, the taste, the consistency. All exactly as I love it. And I love the oats because, when I started out liking them, this is the same taste I remember. Now I can add ingredients to make it taste even better and add a variety to the experience, but the foundation remains solid.

This connection of oats and value can be applied to our lives in how we seek value and create value in our world. I invite you to reflect in this reading, on what you value in your life, and what you do not.

If we find value in something we keep it. When we do not see value in something, we toss it, ignore it, cover it up under piles, or let it go in some form. We either have a purpose for investing our energies in something, or we no longer have a need for that thing, relationship, or mental image in our lives, and we eventually let it go.

As a Life Coach, and one that works with people of all backgrounds in many areas of their lives, I see how we either value things in our lives and honor there presence, or do not and sometimes force ourselves to hold onto extra baggage of things, relationships, and agreements that no longer serve us.

This baggage and how to release it to create and find value in those things that really matter to us is what I write about today.

If you are at a place in your life where I hear yourself saying things like:
“I want to simplify my life”, “I need to get away”, “People want too much from me”, “If I were just more organized then…”

These are signs of the Universal hand on your shoulder pointing out areas where you can release things that are weighing you down. Or revealing ways you can increase your value to the world and to your relationships so that you feel content in who you are.

In having done this process myself this very weekend, I suggest that you may have things in your life that you would love to let go of, shift, or repurpose and get back in touch with that you are tolerating and not taking the time to deal with.

Where are you walking around something in your consciousness that you need to handle?

Are you doing things as you always have but would like to make a change and fear that a chnage will upset more and cause more problems than you started out with?

Do you want to know how a client, a partner or a loved one thinks about you and how they feel but are too scared to ask fr fear of what may come?

All of these types of scenarios block the value and purpose we give into the world and that we take in.  Opening the channels of truth and value will bring more into your life and open paths where you can be of value from your highest purpose.

Personal inventory

I invite you to ponder these simple questions:

1 – What do I truly value in my life? (relationships, home, career, talents, health, wisdom,  abilities, possessions)
2 – What in my life feels like a burden to hold onto, to avoid, or to ignore?

3- What can I do to shift how things are in my life right now, today, to view the situation from a different angle?

4 – What do I truly need to let go of to feel more relaxed and at ease?

5 – Where am I doing what others think I should do and not hearing my own voice?

Taking a personal inventory allow us to open up to new possibilities that we may not be seeing. Asking the question, has the Universe guide us to the answers.

Assess the value you are to people in your life. What do you bring to the table? And do you bring it consistently?
1 – Where do you lift them up people you are in relationship with?
2 – How do they see the value you bring to them?
3 – Is the value you bring consistent and of the quality you hope to be known for?

If it has changed over the years, you may want to get back in touch with those relationships, and or agreements you have with your boss, with yourself, with your family and see how your value is being perceived right now.

Inventory for your friends, family, co-workers, clients, and bosses

You can copy and paste these questions into a note to them and see how they respond.

What do you value most about our relationship?
Have I kept up the level of value that you have found in our relationship?
Where can I create more value for our relationship? How can I better serve?

This type of understanding will help in all areas of your life, with your loved ones, friends, peers, co-workers, bosses.

When you create value for others, value comes into your world in magical ways.

Be open and ready to learn in the process. Here is to you creating value in your world.

Tina Marie
“The Evokateur”

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