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Sending off your son or daughter to a college is a big step that many families are preparing for now. Stores are lined with dorm supplies, all intended to make your college experience one of fun and ease. We have taken time to pull together ways you can create a more natural, holistic and ‘geared toward learning’ experience for the college bound student.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 70% of of high school graduates in the United States have enrolled in college classes. With a majority of them deciding to live on campus or in nearby apartments, starting out the ‘living on your own’ experience in a holistic manner, will set your expectations for healthy living for many years to come.
Although they are away from home, and their schedules are full of classes, socializing and study, your college student still needs their sleep. Send them off with bedding that stands up to the college experience and keeps allergies at bay is needed.
Organic sheets from Target are a great value.
Add anti-allergy mattress and pillow protectors to stay healthy
Bathroom & Laundry
Environmentally friendly cleaners that can leave even the dirtiest dorm room sparkling and smelling amazingly clean. I love these products – they work, they are healthy for us (as far as we know), and they smell awesome – even guys like the smell.Click Here
Teach your kids how to sort laundry, cleaning our clothes the way Mom teaches is needed to keep clothes looking great. Use products made for high efficiency washers and that are less stressful on the environment. Try Seventh Generation Products: Click Here
Toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, razors, toilet paper – all these choices are now up to the college bound student. How will you spend your money in the world? And keep yourself looking nice at the same time. You are now developing your money consciousness and how your impact on the world as a planetary being will be made. What impact do you want to have? Start simple. Here are some products that will have a lower impact on the Earth and have you looking, smelling and feeling wonderful! Dr. Tom has the answer

The Environmental Working Group has a website called Skin Deep. This site is an excellent resource for consumers in that it lists thousands of personal care products in an organized way and rates them on how safe their ingredients are.

“Skin Deep pairs ingredients in more than 25,000 products against 50 definitive toxicity and regulatory databases, making it the largest integrated data resource of its kind. Why did a small nonprofit take on such a big project? Because the FDA doesn’t require companies to test their own products for safety.”

Test your Toiletries at Skin Deep
Most dorms, apartment complexes and neighborhoods now have a recycling program in place. If you are interested in doing your part to minimize your carbon footprint, enroll your living co-habitants in your way of living. I have a sign above my garbage can that reads: “Can we Reuse, Reduce or Recycle?” The garbage can is smaller than the Recycle can, and there is a compost can in the kitchen as well. I do not readily recommend composting for college students because the smell can get really rank if the debris is not taken out daily. Plus I know of few colleges that have composting facilities here in the states. Find a way to have your school participate in composting at Campus Zero Waste
Eating well has a huge impact on your ability to learn, retain and reuse what you are spending your time, energy and money to achieve. Some easy steps can create a very healthy foundation for your education. Plus when you are 90% good with your choices, you can be 10% bad and not feel so guilty. What a bargain!
How Tina Marie is Bad…
I love Smoothie King. Some think “Oh it is a smoothie – that is healthy.” Wrong! Tons of sugar, processed ingredients and in the one I love, ‘ice cream!’ Goodness. Now on the good side of being bad I love these delicious Raw Cookies carried at Whole Foods. But if you want to make raw cookies try this recipes at our friends at
Keep cut veggies in frig for snacking. Of course the college sauce “Ranch Dressing” is a must as well. My friend Brian was in Scotland for Med School and only requested a case of ranch dressing every 3 months. I never knew that Ranch dressing was unique to America. ; )
When you eat out, or shop – choose green. Processed foods shorten your life span – not much to consider when you have the world at your doorstep but trust me as someone who emerged from college 10 pounds heavier, you will care at some point so why not care now?
Other great snacks include nuts, whole grain breads, and dried fruits.
Minimize or cut out all sugar – sugar is hidden in foods, snacks, drinks, sodas, juices. You may think you are being super healthy, but beware the very health drink you have can be wreaking havoc inside your body. Water is the best drink – 3 quarts a day is recommended. Do not think I am crazy it is true! Go find the article “Your Body is THIRSTY!” to learn how many diseases, maladies and issues we have that are caused solely from dehydration. You will be amazed!
This one is a hard one for most college students but I tell you – it is supremely important! You do need 6 – 8 hours of sleep a night.
At they reported that “With all the studying, partying and classes, sleep deprivation and college students go hand in hand. Most people need six to eight hours of sleep each night to function properly. However, studies find approximately 20 percent of college students suffer from sleeping disorders, including insomnia. College students who suffer from sleep disorders can experience irritability, anxiety and even weight gain.”
Spiritual Space & Practice
What does a spiritual practice have to do with college and higher learning? The real question is what doesn’t it? When we seek a higher place for ourselves in any regard, staying connected to our life’s passion guides us as we grow. Many of us seek knowledge and at the end of our learning have a ton of material we can think about but how many sit and have real thought? Thinking and thought are two different things. While you are in your studies stop and take time to connect with your higher self in quiet and stillness to stay grounded in all that you are acquiring in mind. More calm, more purpose, more freedom and more direction will be your benefits from creating a spiritual practice and maintaining it on a  regular basis.  See our articles on Creating a Sacred Space and What to do for Spiritual Practice (coming soon)
Your Best Life Advocate….
Tina Marie Jones
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