Good Communication Begins with Great Principles

Join us on Tuesday, September 4th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time as we focus on the topic of communication.  We are delighted to share the hour with Marion Grobb Finkelstein, founder of Marion Speaks — a training and consulting company that simplifies how managers and employees communicate with each other and with their clients.  Marion is sought out to assist and lead employers through the tangled knots of ineffective communication while replacing such strategies with professionally activated results!

We invite you to send in a text message about these prominent principles for effective communication:

Fairness: Treat people fairly; teach them to treat me fairly too
Interactive: Allow clients and their teams a chance to be heard
Small is beautiful: Capitalize on being a solopreneur and being nimble to respond to client’s needs
Responsive: When people reach out, answer them
Engaged: Listen to what clients want and are really saying (even if they don’t know exactly how)
Positive and passionate: … in helping clients communicate
Flexible and open: Remain willing to consider options not even known yet
Ethical: Do the right thing, even when no one is looking
Service-oriented: Come from a place of service, not ego
Authentic: Don’t be fake or misrepresent facts
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Never Underestimate those Dreams!

Dream Analyst Layne Dalfen believes all dreams have an important and challenging invitation that helps you “become who you are intended to be!”  She doesn’t subscribe to the idea that certain types of dreams mean the same thing to everyone. “The associations our unconscious develops are as unique to each person as their fingerprint, “

In her books–the first shorter volume subtitled The Overview, and the second, subtitled A Deeper Discussion— she shows you how to analyze, evaluate and map your own dreams for the clues that will truly set you free, and bring you closer to what you really desire in life.

 With a 45-year deep background in dream study on the works of Freud, Jung, Perls and Adler, Dalfen shows the process that enables you to understand what your subconscious is trying to reveal to you while you sleep, how that applies directly to some issue that is stressing you, and then the way to use the information presented therein to find the solution.

Oftentimes, you are stuck in a situation because you are continuing to react based on the beliefs and habits that were instilled in you from childhood. Lifelong patterns are your default behavior. This is often your “shadow” side holding back out of fear. But your dreams show you new possibilities-new ways to respond-that would never have occurred to you under the old paradigm, opening you up to your full creative expression–unlimited by past repetitive constructs. Thus, as you reach for and act on these new alternatives, you can discover and experience your true potential.

In her book, Have a Great Dream: Decoding Your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential, Dalfen encourages you to keep trying her techniques until you hit that “Aha!” moment that illuminates what your subconscious is really trying to tell you.

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Greatest Hits on August 21: Rethinking Prayer

Do you have a relationship to prayer?  Many people associate prayer only with religions, but there is another type of prayer life that can make you masterful in the game of life.

An international spiritual coach and prayer counselor, Angela Montano is devoted to sharing the utterly transformative power of prayer. Her work provides spiritual insights that change the way people perceive their circumstances, creating a shift that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Angela’s mission is to inspire a new conversation about prayer, teach ancient and new prayer technologies and encourage people to adopt a prayer practice.

A spiritual practitioner certified by the Center for Spiritual Living and the Agape International Spiritual Center, over the past 20 years Angela has facilitated over 15,000 private, one-on-one prayer sessions with clients of all faiths and belief systems from around the world. Angela’s work is inspired, and her ability to provide a spiritual perspective on the challenges of daily living is unparalleled.

A featured guest on Hay House Radio, Angela is also a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Angela is author of the forthcoming book, Rethink Prayer.

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30 days to Spiritual Awakening with Brent Phillips

Brent Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a miracle after a single session of energy healing!  He was so transformed by this experience that he gave up his career in technology and dedicated all of his science and engineering talent and experience to master instant healing and personal holistic transformation.  Today, he specializes in Awakening Dynamics, a holistic healing technique which directly addresses your subconscious mind to fix the “bugs in your software” and allow instant and profound transformation. Whether you seek to transform your health, your finances, your relationships or your spirituality, the Awakening Dynamics® is a surprisingly fast and easy way to make permanent, lasting, and effective changes in your life.

The fastest and most effective way to immediate change in your life from the Awakening Dynamics® is private sessions. In a private session, Brent will work with you to identify and release the exact subconscious blocks causing problems in your life around health, wealth, and personal beliefs about your own success.  Brent combines his highly trained mind and tech-savvy experience to heal you in a private sessions.

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Publishing! with our guest Marc Allen

Listen to “Publishing! with our guest Marc Allen” on Spreaker.
Marc Allen is the cofounder of New World Library and the author of Visionary Business.  Marc has discovered, through trial and error, a proven set of principles that can help each of us live the life of our dreams, doing what we love to do, while adhering to compassionate, conscious values.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Marc has guided New World Library from a small start-up with no capital to its current position as one of the leading independent publishers in the country. Over the years, he has written several other books, including his most popular book The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams; his latest book, The Greatest Secret of All; Visionary Business: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success; and A Visionary Life, which remains one of the best books ever written on personal fulfillment.

Check out Marc Allen’s popular audio CDs, including Stress Reduction and Creative Meditations, and the ground-breaking downloadable course, Success with Ease — The Complete Audio Course, a series of 12 downloads totaling 8.5 hours. For more information, go to

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21st Century Shamanism with Jan Engles-Smith

For our last Tuesday of the month, we go to the greatest hits archives and find a lively conversation with Jan Engles-Smith, a seasoned shamanic practitioner/teacher and expert in her field who’s performed over 3500 soul retrievals.

She continuously explores the field of shamanism and energy medicine, identifying powerful, 21st century approaches to meet the demands and needs of our time.

She founded LightSong Healing Center and LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine. She’s authored two books – Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart (which won the Reader’s Choice Award) and Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine.

She’s produced two CDs: Take Your Body With You, a shamanic drumming CD, and Awaken~Unburden~Create, a meditation CD package of shamanic principals for the lay person.

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Sales Authenticity with Business Expert, Shirlene Reeves

Listen to “Sales Authenticity with Business Expert, Shirlene Reeves” on Spreaker.

Join Todd Alan and Coach Debby on Tuesday, July 24th for a fireside chat with Shirlene Reeves, a masterful business coach who uses universal principles as a guide in the areas of sales and growth.  Trained by Dr. Wayne Dwyer and spiritual teacher Ram Das, Shirlene  empowers her audiences to think with their heart while building business relationships.

Shirlene has hosts the Ascended Masters At Work show on BBS Syndicated Radio on 57 stations nationwide.  She’s created her own syndicated broadcasting station with shows based on business finance, metaphysical science & lifestyle.

You might also be familiar with her television presence.  Shirlene Reeves produced and hosted WMAX TV with co-host Barbara Wainwright. Together, they created 2 seasons of talk show TV in San Diego, California, with prestigious guests from all around the world.

For 17 years Shirlene was the CEO of her own nationwide California C Corporation, which she bootstrapped from zero to multi-millions with over 23,000 people working under her.  Today Shirlene lives between San Diego, CA and her home on the beach in San Felipe, Baja. She focuses on teaching authors, salespeople, and coaches how to increase sales to create multiple streams of income.  Check out her website:

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Creating a Stand-Out Brand with Peg Marckworth

Listen to “Creating a Stand-Out Brand with Peg Marckworth” on Spreaker.

Entrepreneurs are told they MUST stay ahead of the competition is order to survive.  That is one mighty task!  Peg Marckworth understands that a well-crafted brand gives you visibility and builds your reputation.  You never want to leave your brand to chance.  To discover more, join us for an exciting hour on Life Mastery Radio.

Peg Marckworth is the principal of Marckworth Associates.  She creates brands for companies, professionals, and individuals to help set them apart while catching the attention of desired clients.  Peg has 25 years of experience working in the area of communications  as co-owner of a public relations firm, a child welfare administrator, and a Washington State lobbyist.

She holds a Master’s Degree in social work and a B.A. in Psychology.  Her real world and theoretical understanding of individual and group change helps promote success for clients.  Her background in marketing, public relations, and cognitive behavioral therapy gives her a unique advantage toward helpful clients reach their goals and create specific brands.  Learn more about Peg Marckworth at

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Ancient Texts Meet Modern Times

Listen to “Ancient Texts Meet Modern Times” on Spreaker.

Denise Alexander Pyle is passionate about the fact that the 10 Commandments are needed today more than ever. And she has a unique style in stating her sense of urgency. She says, “The Ten Commandments are comprised of ten powerful rules for our survival, governed by the underlying principle of unbridled love of God, ourselves, and each other.

Sounds intriguing, yes?  Join us live on July 10th at 10:00 a.m. PST and be sure to send your texts our way!

As Denise asserts, If you haven’t committed adultery recently or you’ve not “kept the Sabbath Holy,” then you might not be thinking that the Ten Commandments are uppermost in your mind.

 But when you read her book, The Power of 1(0): A Guide to Living the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule in Modern Times you’ll discover that “keeping the Sabbath Holy,” is really about providing mercy in the world — and the decree against adultery is actually about keeping your commitments to yourself and others in all things.

 This unique reinterpretation of the 10 Commandments and the1 Golden Rule (hence the power of 1(0) ), is designed to make these precepts urgent and relevant to today’s world – especially where truth seems fluid and morality a matter of perception.

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The Creation Frequency with Mike Murphy

Listen to “The Creation Frequency with Mike Murphy” on Spreaker.

Let’s roll up those sleeves and manifest our dreams with Mike Murphy’s formula known as The Creation Frequency (also the name of his recent book).  He explains that the things we want are less like solid objects and more like creative energy.  Some people understand this as the law of attraction.  Let Mike Murphy explain how it has worked in his life and for others. Join us this Tuesday, June 3rd for another fireside chat on Life Mastery Radio!

If you’d like to get started right now, check out his app at

Mike Murphy is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and philanthropist.  He is the founder of the Love from Margot foundation that supports woman with cancer.  He also founded Mountains of Hope, a transformational retreat center located in Columbia.  His first book, Love Unfiltered, was a wall street journal best-seller.

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