Ancient Indigenous Wisdom with Jojopahmaria Nsoroma

Jojopahmaria Nsoroma- June 25, 2019
Jojopahmaria Nsoroma is shamanic healer, wisdom consultant, a teacher of self-mastery, a public speaker, and a visionary in the field of human and social services. She has successfully woven African spirituality and indigenous wisdom into a trauma-resolution program for men cycling through prison and used it as a framework for her innovative continuous learning process for community leaders
Jojopahmaria invites you to take a journey through your inner landscape – that invisible and most powerful part of who you are, to uncover, accept, transform and heal emotional pain. Traumatic and unwanted experiences teach fear. The Wisdom Walk to Self-Mastery teaches love, and how to choose love over fear.

Extraordinary People, Like You! with Larry J. Snyder

Larry J. Snyder- June 18, 2019
“What five attributes make up an extraordinary person?”
Based on his new book, Which One am I? 12 Extraordinary People Like You , Larry J. Snyder has a mission: to honor those who have gifted us with our best life lessons and to help turn the focus to what those lessons are and what we can do with them.
Larry is the son of a most extraordinary mother. Jean empowered each of her children to know their unique gifts at a very early age. Larry J. Snyder honors her by sharing ideas he knows will help you discover your own unique gifts.
Besides being an author, Larry is a speaker, auctioneer, and world traveler. Larry also helps domestic and international causes with philanthropy and fundraising support.
Larry’s website


A Chat with a Modern Day Dr. Doolittle, Rose De Dan

Rose De Dan- June 11, 2019
“The animals taught me the way to heal.”
Rose De Danis an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her practice is dedicated to assisting animals and people live happier, healthier lives through connection, communication and energy healing.
Rose has encountered many animal teachers and healers—wild and domestic who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing. At their request she builds bridges reconnecting the people and the animals through classes, events, storytelling, and photos.
She offers private sessions, and teaches classes and workshops in Reiki and shamanism.

It’s Safe to Love Again with Dr. Gary Sayler

Dr. Gary Salyer- June 4, 2019

Link to YouTube video of this interview
“When you feel worthy of love, you naturally reach out for love.”
Dr. Gary Salyer let go of all the stories he had been telling himself about how he wasn’t good enough for love, and decided to live a life of real love instead. In the end, his heart opened up to love in a thousand different ways.
“I quite literally felt like a man who had been freed from the bondage of his childhood and his past relationships. Then I experienced the joy and peace of a man who had been liberated to live a life filled with love.”

Live your greatest life with Gabriela Masala

Gabriela Masala, M.A.- May 28, 2019

“I love walking with people as they access authentic voice and movement and meet their evolutionary edges.”


Gabriela Masala, M.A. is a facilitator, consultant, and life artist. Her approach is holistic, compassionate and integrative.


As a lover of direct experience and multi faceted expression, her facilitation may include visual journaling, authentic movement, inquiry, poetry, music, dance, ritual, and energetic anatomy. Sessions are tailored to meet unique client needs.

Gabriela is the author of Everyday Magnificent, Practices to Activate An Unlimited Life


Create and Grow Your Own Business with Karyn Greenstreet

Karen Greenstreet- May 21, 2019
“There are 21 million solo entrepreneurs in the USA, but only 9% of
them make over $100,000 a year. Our mission is to change that 9% to 10%.”
” Self-employment is the best lifestyle I know. ”

Karyn Greenstreet is the President of Passion For Business, LLC.
Karyn is an internationally-known speaker, author, and self-employment expert who has taught business and personal development topics to over 280,000 people worldwide. She is extraordinarily passionate about helping small business owners create the life and business they want.
Check out her new book! Karyn Greenstreet is the author of One Action Now: Get Focused, Stay on Track, and Get More Done in Your Business .

Resolve Issues and Heal for Good with Ellie Pechet

Ellie Pechet- May 7, 2019

“Live without the fear and anxiety which have always bothered you”
When you enter a session with Ellie Pechet M.Ed, you’ll experience 3 outcomes:
1. Your issue will be resolved and healed for good.
2. You’re confident you’ve taken a step toward liberation from what’s stopped you from living.
3. You’ll feel at peace about the issue now resolved.

A Metaphysician, Shaman, Medium, and author, Ellie Pechet developed the Pechet Healing Technique . She can help you experience lasting freedom from trauma, emotional issues or harmful energies.


You Are Never Alone with Linda Deir

Linda Deir- April 30, 2019

“You are never alone, and always being guided”
Linda Deir is an author, medium, transition coach, and trainer. She writes spiritual books about her real-life experiences. These books are derived from a lifetime of communication and guidance she received from her  spirit guides,   angels, those who have crossed over, and others.
Linda offers Weekly Guided Insights to help you navigate the uncertain world you are now living in. You can tune in e very Tuesday at 6 pm PT on her Facebook page Live. Y ou can talk with your  Spirit Guides and Linda about what this week’s insight holds for you.
Learn to Channel your own  Spirit Guides and Angels.

  Listen to “You Are Never Alone with Linda Deir” on Spreaker.

Everyone Deserves A Love That Lasts with Dr. Gary Salyer

Dr. Gary Salyer- April 23, 2019

“Everyone deserves a love that lasts”

Author of Safe to Love Again, Gary Salyer, Ph.D. was devastated after two failed marriages, but determined to find a way to succeed at love.

Dr. Salyer, dedicated to researching all things love, had deep conversations and did deep transformations necessary to unlock his heart. When love happened for him again, it became his life’s calling to make it lasting.

“My heart is open to love in ways that invite even more love into my life. Now this…this is the life I signed up for!”

Dr. Salyer addresses the tough questions about love. Tune in on April 23rd to hear his interview.

The Forgiveness Solution

Rev. Misty Tyme- April 9, 2019

“The difference between ‘lucky’ and ‘blessed’ is how you believe God is working in your life”

All major religions and societies agree forgiveness is a good idea. But what they haven’t taught us is how to forgive. Rev. Misty’s Forgiveness Algorithm™ gives you the how in a proven formula that brings relief from the hurt and puts you on the road to living the happy, healthy life that God has intended for you.

Rev. Misty Tyme wants to help you forgive…for good! Her book, “The Forgiveness Solution: A Step by Step Process to let it Go” is how she guides you.

She is the host of The Reverend Misty Show on Facebook, and invites you to tune in.

Listen to “The Forgiveness Algorithm with Rev. Misty Tyme” on Spreaker.