Blog for March 6, 2012: Discover the Gift with Shajen Joy Aziz

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The notion that we ALL possess a gift to share with our fellow beings can be rather daunting:  Who me?  Gifted?  Really??

We let the questions of doubt take over our minds.  Yet Shajen Joy Aziz received a call that brought her to action.  A loved one invited her in, opened his heart, and asked for forgiveness.  The huge force of energy and light brought Shajen into her story, and that story is the seed of her gift.

Do yourself the favor of reading about it and pick up Discover the Gift, the book and also the documentary.  It will stir your imagination and open your own heart. I can say that the trailer alone was a moving experience!  As a college instructor, I work with group after group of students who want me to tell them what their gifts truly are.  They are concerned they don’t have real gifts, or that they have silly gifts, or small gifts, or gifts that look like another person’s gifts.  Worse case scenario, some won’t even acknowledge they possess a gift at all.

They are often like Shajen who shared that ,”…one day, I realized I was an author!”  That’s an amazing discovery, especially when it is a “gift” she had been carrying inside of her for a long time.  By becoming “connected to herself”–a common theme discussed in today’s interview with Todd Alan–her gift was born.  Her voice was shared.  By opening to that possibility, we can all give life to our most treasured gifts.

Let her share these ideas of self-discovery with you.  Check out:


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