Blog for June 14th: The Feminine Energy

I hope you’ve had the chance to download the last few podcasts of the show, as we’ve had a fantastic mix of women sharing their feminine energy about an array of topics:  entrepreneurs (also termed solo-preneurs), healthy & conscious eating, energetic coaching, authoring, and of course, cycling from coast to coast!  We finished up the month of May with Robin Maynard-Dobbs, a support therapist who, as Todd Alan likes to say, “is in the groove” with food intake.  She explored reasons why women impulsively reach for those scrumptious foods when they’re NOT hungry.  I offered my favorite downfall–CHOCOLATE–and we discussed the mind games so insidious to habitual eating AND the path to reclaiming healthy, conscious habits.  Robin is a nurturing soul talented in leading people through a transformative experience.

We also met Sue Hammond on the first Tuesday in June who is passionate that no person should ever quit striving toward a dream.  Her story began in childhood–a girl from a poor and rural community who knew she would one day be famous for her talents.  She carried a vision that she shares in her book, Don’t Quit: Follow Your Dream.  This is available on Kindle, too, and is a quick moving and inspiring story about finding a place on the stage, literally and figuratively.

We followed up with a spotlight guest from Seattle, Chris Porchaska, who specializes in helping women tune in to their true voice.  Just like Robin and Sue, Chris is also very connected to the energy women possess and must reveal through their life work.  A soothing voice and an open-heart give her the calm presence so many women appreciate from a mentor.  She conducts her work with clients face-to-face, online, and by telephone.

Finally, we met with a business mover and shaker, Stephanie Marie Beeby who not only reads her clients energy, but also helps them shift from uncertainty to a planned vision.  Known as a business coach, she supports the feminine model of business by encouraging a flow of masculine counterpoints just where they’re needed.  Success is then measured by showing up and commanding the most integral way of being in business for the self.

Todd Alan also brought on a spokesperson, Katy, for Patricia Ann Hansen’s biking journey across the US.  She is peddling for the hungry and working everyday to raise $50,000.  Patricia has inspired every women on the show, let alone the listeners.

I commend Todd Alan for offering these last weeks of air time for powerful women to share their passions. Download the podcast and enjoy the shows!

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