Don’t Go it Alone: Advice for the Entrepreneur

By popular request, we are delighted to have Karyn Greenstreet back for a fireside chat on Life Mastery Radio.

Today, Karyn is a thriving entrepreneur who’s fortunate to be working on loads of cool projects, but that wasn’t always the case.  But years ago, she was like so many other entrepreneurs and felt extremely frustrated.  She learned you cannot be successful and go it alone.

Her dissatisfaction led her to Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. While it was practical, she had trouble making it gel with my real-world situation.  She moved on to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich … and learned about his concept for mastermind alliances.

Now she had an important key for creating!

Karyn started her first mastermind group around Covey’s 7 Habits, and that combo made the 7 Habits material come to life for her and her mastermind group members.

To date, Karyn has written over 50 student guides and books across a swath of topics like success and motivation, business skills, and software education. She’s been quoted in publications like Entrepreneur and The New York Times. According to Google, she’s been quoted tens of thousands of times on the Internet.

Let Karyn help you achieve forward movement with your mastermind groups without the overwhelm.

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From Survival to Awakening with Ira Israel

Many of us survived a challenging childhood that left us with a voice of dissatisfaction and an inability to find purpose and meaning as adults.  Ira Israel is an author and psychotherapist who explains that the origin of dissatisfaction is the wounded child within who is subconsciously and retroactively seeking the acceptance, approval, and love of primary caregivers who either withheld love, loved us conditionally, or treated us in ways we did not understand. We will focus on his new book, How to Survive Your Childhood Now That You’re an Adult: A Path to Authenticity and Awakening  (New World Library, November 13, 2017).

 “Children create ‘false selves’ — facades, personas — in order to obtain the acceptance, approval, and love they crave; however, any acceptance, approval, or ‘love’ that we receive as adults based on our facades, and not on our inner and usually somewhat messy authentic selves, ultimately causes resentments,” writes Israel. “We need to be cognizant of how prejudices and fears built during childhood may influence our adult decisions.”

How to Survive Your Childhood Now that You’re an Adult helps readers raise their level of awareness about their subconscious beliefs or assumptions so they can gain insight into their “way of being” in the world. The book also includes an array of practical tools designed to alleviate suffering and help readers stay at the higher end of their happiness spectrum.

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JOIN US  on January 2, 2018 as we jump into the new year with a very fun and  inspired coach, Diana Dentinger!

DIANA IS GOING TO LEAD YOU INTO THE NEW YEAR.  THIS IS YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY!  Diana’s coaching model supports you and guides you through a step-by steps process that energizes you from the very start!

Take this Leading Edge PERSONALITY QUIZ   WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE YOU based on the lastest 21st Century Neurobiology so you find more happiness, health, success & overall life fulfillment.

Diana Dentinger is Creator of the Personality & Needs Profile – the easiest, most exact & effective tool to you know who you are and how to be more!

Are you FULL of things but you still feel EMPTY? Have you tried to figure out you life but can’t seem to make it more meaningful? Do you feel overwhelmed with questions and doubts? How about REAL ANSWERS?

This PERSONALITY QUIZ is the best of the best of what you need to really up level your life. It’s tried and true from my 25 years of experience as a Corporate Trainer & Neurobiology therapist. This first PERSONALITY QUIZ helps you connect to the core of who you are, what you love to do and how to be more of yourself.

You will finally get answers on how to create a great life, gain unshakeable self confidence, connect to your burning desires, fulfill your life purpose… all while living on your terms Your Way. SIGN UP NOW and JOIN THE GRAND GIVEAWAY FOR MORE PERSONALITY QUIZZES with real answers on how you LOVE your Way and the BEST CAREER FIT for your Personality.


Your Life Your Way Podcast:







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The Enneagram with Rosemary Hurwitz

Our guest is “well-credentialed” and on the leading edge when it comes to teaching the ancient system of the Enneagram!  She is the co-author of No Mistakes, How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance, (Hierophant Publishing) and 365 Days of Angel Prayers.  

The Enneagram is a system for understanding the nine universal personality types. It holds within it, a map for emotional wellness for each of the nine universal types. which is key to the body-mind-spirit continuum of overall wellness.

Rosemary has over twenty years experience in leading Discovery Weekend Retreats with her husband of 35 years. Discovery, was a program for engaged couples patterned after Marriage Encounter.  Additionally, she spent 15 years studying, teaching and coaching privately with the Enneagram, locally and internationally, in venues that include business, and corporate sector, women’s groups, churches, holistic centers, and cruise ship programs. She received her  professional Certification to coach with the Enneagram in 2001.

Committed to self-awareness and spiritual growth, she says “It is my deepest desire to assist all interested people to live more resourcefully in their relationships, especially in the foundational one with the self.”

Her website:

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Mastery Mindset with Bren Murphy

RAIN CHECK!  We will introduce you to Bren’s Mastery Work in 2018 — sorry for the inconvenience!

Bren’s coaching is focused on the principles of Mastery Mindset.  We are excited to learn how it is done in Australia!

Bren share’s that he came to mindfulness from addiction, over working, and a general loss of connection. In mindfulness he found a simple way of honesty and integrity that keeps him grounded.

Mindfulness Walks

Bren leads Mindfulness Newcastle – a meetup group that hosts wellness walks around town. We walk a set path and pause for mindfulness exercises along the way. Participants describe it as a beautiful way to connect with nature and outside as well as go inward.

Here are a few bullet points about his one to one sessions on the critical areas of the Mastery Mindset.

  • Gratitude – Regain your personal power through gratitude
  • Healing – recover your personal willpower
  • Forgiveness – it’s not what you might think it is.
  • Self Awareness – Mindfulness and directing your attention
  • Thoughts and Words – self communication and self talk
  • Old Words – unhelpful words to excise from your vocabulary
  • Your network – embrace higher energy people and de-toxify your circles
  • Emotional Intelligence – unlearning some old structures
  • Archetypes Analysis – what comes naturally to you?
  • Doing and Being – autopilot awareness
  • Mind Body Connection – in your body, you lose sight of your mind
  • Exercise and Movement – doing change is when change is doing

Mindset Mastery is a ninety laser coaching experience – where you learn what is already within you through a series of guided self-examinations.  As you piece together the material from the workshops, you come to a place where you feel more composure and clarity.  Mastery is just that – the sense of knowing that you have the Awareness, that you have put in place the Foundations, and now the wholeness begins to come together organically.  Bren claims It’s a type of spiritual awakening – coming home to your self through the series of self exploration tasks.  website

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Skills, Not Pills! with Kerri Hummingbird Sami

Kerri Hummingbird Sami is a soul guide, award-winning author, and host of Soul Nectar Show. Kerri has over 20 years of experience in leading by inspiration, and a special passion for empowering women to be the artists of their lives. She mentors women to rewrite the story of their lives through inner transformation, connection to essence, remembrance of purpose, and realignment to authenticity and truth. She has founded the Skills Not Pills Movement to invite people to dive into the spiritual journey of awakening.

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Get Paid for Coaching, with Christian Mickelsen

Christian Mickelsen is a leading authority on personal development and personal coaching. He’s the 3-time number 1 bestselling author of:

  • How to Quickly Get Started As a Personal Coach: Make Great Money Changing People’s Lives
  • Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Coaching Clients Today And Every Day
  • Change The World And Make Great Money Teaching, Training and Serving Humanity

He’s been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance and MSN. As a personal coach for over 15 years and a trainer of coaches, he’s helped countless thousands around the world experience the life changing power of coaching. He’s on a mission to get the whole world coached.  He currently lives in San Diego, California with his wife and three daughters.

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A Shamanic Path

November 14th, 2017:   Artist, Robert Taylor, saved the day when his associate and collaborative partner, Lynn Andrews fell ill and could not join us for the show.  We had a wonderful discussion about the stories of his youth and how they impacted his artistic abilities.  The Sacred Vision Oracle Cards connects many lessons of balance and harmony with Taylor’s Native American art.  “My art reflects my own spiritual journey and allows me to make peace with the world,” says Taylor.

Lynn Andrews, who will join us for a future show, is the New York Times and internationally best-selling author of the Medicine Woman Series, which chronicles her three decades of study and work with shaman healers on four continents. Her study of the way of the sacred feminine began with Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs, Native American healers in northern Canada. Her quest for spiritual discovery continued with a Shaman Curendera of the Mayan Yucatan; an Aboriginal woman of high degree in the Australian Outback or Nepalese healer in the foothills of the Himalayas. Today, she is recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of spiritual healing and personal empowerment. A shaman healer and mystic, Ms. Andrews is widely acknowledged as a major link between the ancient world of shamanism and modern societies thirst for profound personal healing and a deeper understanding of the pathway to enlightenment.  Lynn has written a total of 21 best selling books and workbooks about her work with these women and their unique and deeply profound teachings.  Her website:

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Sharing Ultimate Vision with Clark Roberts

On November 7th, we will play our greatest hits and spotlight Clark Roberts, who said, “Our accomplishments are not measured by our abilities or disabilities but rather by our willingness to try!”  This quote has anchored Clark Roberts in his life as he has journeyed through sight loss and emotional acuity.  He is the founder of the non-profit, Ultimate Vision, that inspires people of all ages who have endured a significant loss of sight to see in new ways.  Ultimate Vision continues to bring quality comprehensive programs to students in the following areas: Social & Emotional Learning (SEL), Diversity Awareness, Anti-Bullying, Virtues and other amazing programs customized to fit the needs of your students.

At age 24, Clark lost his sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa. This journey has allowed him to learn how one truly embraces life, a message of hope and encouragement that he shares with CEO’s and young students as well as elders in the community.  He shows each person how to reach beyond their limitations inspiring them to live a life of significance. Clark has learned to celebrate differences, live his life to the fullest, and inspire others to do the same.

Clark is married with 2 children, is an author and enjoys story telling. He is an outdoor and sports enthusiast, who loves to downhill ski, tandem cycle, water ski, swim and hike.

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Your Intuitive Right-Brain with Sara Wiseman

There’s nothing spooky about psychic abilities.  In fact, using your intuitive, right brain—instead of your rational, left brain—will lead you to unexpected solutions, highly creative problem solving, and unprecedented clarity about your life mastery journey.  We are joined today by Sara  Wiseman who will share five ways we receive intuitive information.  Sara Wiseman is an award-winning author of seven books on intuition, spirituality and creativity, and is the founder of Intuition University. She hosts the award-winning podcasts Ask Sara and Spiritual Psychic with over 1.7 million subscribers, and writes the popular Daily Divine blog. She has taught tens of thousands of students the world over via her books, courses and training.  She returns to Life Mastery Radio this Tuesday to take your calls!  For free resources, visit

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