What the Bleep and other Surprises

This rumination on surprise comes courtesy of William Arntz, the creator and producer who surprised, confounded and delighted with his remarkable film What the Bleep Do We Know!? Now he teams with his wife, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and poet Deirdre Hade and award-winning photographer Endre Balogh to create something else quite special.

The (not so) Little Book of Surprises is anchored with Hade’s visionary and lyrical poetry skipping lightly about over the stunning images curated by Balogh. Each breathtaking page creates an emotional resonance with the reader…using surprise as the doorway to transformation and transcendence. The images in the book are part eye candy/part soul candy. They pile on a sensory experience that mounts the sense of surprise page by page.

All of the book’s creators began life in different fields-Arntz as a laser physicist working on “Star Wars” high energy lasers; Hade as a ballet dancer and choreographer, Balogh continues as an internationally regarded concert violinist. And through life’s mystery and surprise, they emerged as something else entirely, which makes them imminently qualified to bring forth a meditation in print on the gifts of surprise.   For more information please visit: www.BookOfSurprises.com

Deirdre Hade’s amazing website http://deirdrehade.com/

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Author Spotlight with Cassie Premo Steele

Earth Joy Writing is a new version of The Artists’ Way for the green generation. In the years since the hugely successful Artists’ Way book hit the market, three important changes have occurred. First, our lives are much more interconnected on a daily basis through the Internet and social marketing networks. Second, we are highly aware of the grave dangers our environment faces. Third, we can sense a surge in a collective desire for community. This book addresses all these needs for readers — to live a harmonious and balanced life despite the vast changes happening around them, and to connect with others and the earth in meaningfully creative ways.

Cassie Premo Steele is the author of twelve books and audio programs on the themes of creativity, healing, and our connection to the natural world. She works as a writing coach with clients internationally.  She has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Women’s Studies from Emory University in Atlanta and works as a writing coach with women from around the world. Her website: http://www.earthjoywriting.com/

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Conscious Being with TJ Woodward

TJ Woodward returns to the show with a fantastic announcement!  His congregation, Awakened Living, is now part of the AGAPE Association of Communities.

TJ is a spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker and addiction counselor who works with individuals, couples, and in group settings, equipping people with the internal resources to lead their lives intuitively, strategically, and intentionally. With over 25 years’ experience in the fields of human potential, new-thought ministry and addiction treatment, he assists his clients in achieving brilliant results.

TJ published his first book, Conscious BEING: Awakening to Your True Nature in 2015. He is currently authoring his second book, that is expected to have worldwide release in 2017.

In 2013, TJ began working at Foundations San Francisco Intensive Outpatient Program in San Francisco, where he serves as the spiritual counselor and group facilitator.  He currently also serves as the spiritual care counselor and group facilitator at Reflections treatment program in Marin County.

Also in 2013, he launched the Awakened Living TV and Awakened Living Radio shows.

We know TJ Woodward as an excellent leader working tirelessly in the Bay area to support a rich and vibrant community toward a high-vibration mindset.

He is a joy to speak with.  We will discuss topics, such as:
–Living an awakened life free of addictions
–Journeying from darkness to light
–Awakening to our true nature and stepping into purpose
–Evolving consciousness to support our visions and goals.

TJ’s website http://www.tjwoodward.com

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Overeating Recovery with Julie Simon

Julie M. Simon, MA, MBA, MFT is a psychotherapist and life coach, and the bestselling author of The Emotional Eater’s Repair Manual—A Practical Mind/Body/Spirit Guide for Putting an End to Overeating and Dieting. She is an inspirational speaker and for the past 25+ years, Julie has been helping overeaters and imbalanced eaters heal their relationships with themselves, their bodies and food, stop dieting, lose excess weight and keep it off. Julie is the founder and director of The Twelve-Week Emotional Eating Recovery Program, an alternative to dieting that addresses the true causes of overeating and weight gain: emotional and spiritual hunger and body imbalance. She is also a certified personal trainer with twenty-five years of experience designing personalized exercise and nutrition programs for various populations. Julie has been a featured expert on numerous TV and radio shows and she loves to light up the stage at events, wake people up about their phenomenal mind, body and spirit signals and help them learn to nurture themselves mindfully without turning to food. Please visit her at www.overeatingrecovery.com.
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Our greatest hits of 2016 features Coach Jerry Lynch

Let Them Play by Jerry Lynch is a pertinent must-read for parents with children involved in athletics.

Jerry reminds us that it’s the child’s game – not the parents’. And though we cannot protect our children from loss, what we can show them, and possibly learn along with them, is that failure is one of our greatest teachers.

This episode with Jerry is full of wonderful advice and hard-won wisdom. His book is receiving fantastic reviews in an era where school, performance, and athletics is a high-stakes, high-pressure game.

Jerry Lynch, sports psychologist and consultant, is the author of, “Let Them Play which provides an antidote to parental over-involvement in sports.  Few parents want to undermine their children’s athletic enjoyment and performance but that’s what they do when they fight with referees, yell at coaches, and lash out at fellow parents.

Jerry diagnoses this epidemic of parental over-involvement behavior as an attachment of their own egos to their kids’ performance.  The result is often kids losing interest in sports.

Dr. Lynch offers an alternative: parents participate by empowering their athletic kids and expertly addressing the child who doesn’t “make the cut.” Learn how to talk with coaches, detach from results, and help kids both work to excel and learn from failure.

As parents and coaches adopt Lynch’s core principles, kids are freed to do their best and, most importantly, feel their best.

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Love, Love, Love with Tatiana Jerome

When Tatiana Jerome had a bad experience with a relationship breakup, she explored her feelings by communicating with other women on social media.  Facing her pain and challenges helped her heal and move beyond her broken heart.  Not only did she take responsibility for her part, but she claimed a better understanding of what would make her happy.  Her insightful posts and blogs went viral, and soon other women were coming to her for advice and support.

Tatiana is the author of Love Lost, Love Found, published by New World Library.  Her book is a woman-to-woman conversation that grew out of Tatiana’s experiences, as well as other situations  shared by her coaching clients.  The advice in this book helps women heal and welcome new love into their lives.


As always, we encourage you to call in and speak with the guest about key points, such as:
–self-sabotaging behaviors
–how to love yourself first and foremost
–how to claim spiritual techniques in love

…..and other tools to keep that build confidence and motivate one through the search for lasting love.

Uplifting and honest, Tatiana’s book helps her readers ask the difficult questions and face reality while  prioritizing self-respect, self-care, and self-confidence.

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Your Brave New Mind with Dr. Elliott Maynard

Elliott Maynard believes his new master paradigm [Future Science Technology] is the quantum-field science for the future. He is convinced that integrating traditional, linear science with non-linear consciousness technology will yield new breakthrough solutions for the global problems we face as citizens of Planet Earth. Future Science Technology is a unique system which supports the development of a new and superior human mind – a master paradigm containing 25 keys to personal and planetary enlightenment.

A couple of topics we wish to discuss:

·         How we can embrace this new science that bridges conventional and alternative sciences to bring out the best of both worlds? Dr. Maynard highlights the creation of “win-win” scenarios in all aspects of life, but has evolved this concept into what he refers to as “Win-win to the X-power.”

·         How do we create an educational system that prepares our youth to operate effectively in the present and future realities?

Dr. Maynard presents his new educational system: “The University of the Future.”  He has invented an entirely new paradigm format, which – unlike linear paradigms of the past – is flexible and timeless. “Even the turtle will not get ahead unless he sticks his neck out.”

Elliot’s website http://www.arcoscielos.com

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Check Your Values with Dr. Betty Uribe

Dr. Betty Uribe is an internationally renowned bilingual and bicultural speaker and author, who is recognized for her expertise in values-based leadership. She currently is the Executive Vice President of California Bank & Trust (CB&T)’s Greater Southern California Division and has P&L responsibility for Commercial, Business and Personal Banking, which also includes its distribution network. California Bank & Trust is a $12 billion organization and a division of Zions Bancorporation, which has over $55 billion in assets. Under Uribe’s leadership, CB&T has been named the “Best Bank in Orange County” by the Orange County Register for three consecutive years.

To learn more about Dr.Betty Uribe: https://www.facebook.com/DrBettyUribeValues/

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No Bullying Zone! with Tom Thelen and Miss Taya Simpson

February 21, 2017:  We are delighted to be joined by Public Speaker, Tom Thelen, the Founder of the Victimproof Bullying Prevention Program. As one of America’s top youth motivational speakers, he has spoken at over 500 schools, colleges, and youth organizations. His message helps schools create a positive culture and shows students how to BE THE CHANGE. Tom has been featured on FOX, CBS, PBS, The National Association of Student Councils, The National Honor Society, as well as Student Conferences for 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, and YMCA.

In 2005, Tom completed his bachelor’s degree and began working at a non-profit youth organization where he honed his skills as a youth speaker and began writing his first book, TEEN LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION. Since the publishing of his second book, VICTIMPROOF, he has become a leading voice in preventing bullying and creating a positive school climate.

Tom’s anti-bullying school assembly program takes students on a journey through his own life story – a normal “face in the crowd” kid who never struggled with drugs or alcohol, but instead lived with a victim mindset. Thankfully one teacher stepped in and helped him break free from the bullying cycle. Today, Tom travels America showing students how to stand up to bullying and how to “BE THE CHANGE” on their campus.

Tom’s website https://tomthelen.com/


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Cultivating an Open Heart: Valentines Day special with Robert V. Taylor

Robert V. Taylor joins us for a Valentines Day Special to help us cultivate an open heart.  We will focus on love that goes far beyond the romantic realm. Diving deeply into his story, Robert’s anti-apartheid work led him to refuse to be drafted into the South Africa Military which was compulsory for all white males.  Such a refusal comes with life imprisonment! Faced with the label of being a “traitor” or a “collaborator” he knew he could not accept that apartheid was “the will of God.” “I went to see Archbishop Desmond Tutu for advice on how to survive imprisonment. Instead, he told me that I would not go to jail, but that he would arrange for me to leave the country.” 10 days later Robert arrived in New York City and began graduate work that deepened his life’s calling to help people experience a oneness with others grounded in compassion, love and mercy.  Robert is President of the New York based Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation and lives on a rural farm in the Pacific Northwest. He has dedicated his life to helping individuals and organizations live beyond their limitations. He challenges leaders to live beyond the fears and self-assessments that hold them hostage. Robert is the voice of a generation empowered by the potential of living beyond the restrictions of labels. He is passionate about helping people find a deeper connection to themselves and the world at large. Author of A New Way to Be Human, Robert shares his own struggles and global journeys as an example of what is possible when we all live beyond labels.

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