The Law of Harmonic Balance

Every automobile has an engine and every engine has a part called a harmonic balancer. This little part counteracts the negative feedback created by all of the moving parts working in the engine. There are pistons pumping, connecting rods pushing, crankshafts heaving to open and close valves. All of this movement creates a vibration that is not in harmony with the engine as a whole. This is what’s known as distortion or negative feedback. If it were not for the harmonic balancer, all of this negative feedback would amplify and the engine would literally vibrate itself to pieces. A similar situation occurs within us when dealing with the conscious and subconscious mind.
The conscious and subconscious mind are the parts of ourselves we want to bring into harmonic balance. Our subconscious mind is an incredible mass of tissue made up of billions of vibrating waves and propagating parts that control many things we don’t have to consciously think about, while the conscious mind is the interface between our senses and the subconscious. But when I mention the subconscious, I don’t just mean the parts of the brain that keep the heart beating and remind us to breath. There are also messages there in the subconscious. Most people have written messages to themselves or formed beliefs that they didn’t create consciously; these beliefs were made and imbedded so deep in the mind that it really takes some effort and practice to find and rewrite them.

Ever been to a seminar or been introduced to a new business idea that you got all buzzed up about? We might say that we set up a high vibration about it – our senses had absorbed all this cool information, thus the conscious mind was ready to go. It began to really resonate with the new ideas! Then, after some time passed, all the vibrating and motion had stopped in the conscious mind. The buzz was gone. Why? Because our programmed set of beliefs about this new idea had not been edited; the motivation fell apart and we could not take action and move forward. The subconscious did not have the harmony or belief to match the vibration of the conscious mind, so harmonic balance was not achieved. Negative feedback was generated and failure was the result. It’s typical and we’ve all been there.

Harmonic balance creates a resonant frequency or vibration between the subconscious and conscious, thus producing your truth.  It allows you to stand in authority with your goal or idea. This harmonic balance can be achieved with lots of important self work and is accelerated with the help of a healer, coach, or mastermind group. I’ll talk more about techniques for aligning the subconscious and conscious mind in my next post.

For now, make it a great day, its a choice. ~ Todd

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The Journey to Document Shamanic Healing Practices with Marie-Rose Phan-Le

8064120August 11, 2015 replay from January 13, 2015. Writer and filmmaker, Marie-Rose Phan-Le, has taken the heroine’s journey to a new level during an 11 year journey to document the shamanic healing arts from Asian cultures. Her documentary film, Talking Story: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions precedes her new memoir by the same title. The quest during filming was to capture the story and ancient practices of healers from Hawaii to the Himalayas before their oratory culture completely died out. In it, she humanizes the fight for cultural preservation and the importance of maintaining Perceptual Diversity. Her memoir chronicles her personal journey of healing and self-discovery during the making of her film.

Marie-Rose Phan-Lê is an apprentice healer born in Vietnam and educated in the west. She has more than 25 years of experience in film and television production, and bridged traditional and new media when she became one of the first producers to create Interactive Television Content for the Microsoft Corporation. She also works as a media consultant on projects that match her goals of promoting global and cultural awareness and is currently developing several TV series projects.

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Life Mastery Today with Dr. John Demartini

February 7th, 2012 Guest: Dr John Demartini. John has appeared in many documentaries, including The Secret, The Opus, The Compass and Oh My God. Dr John Demartini is a human behavioral specialist, educator and international authority on maximizing human awareness and potential. His studies have spanned numerous disciplines and his teachings provide answers and solutions to many of life’s questions and challenges. Listen in as we have a fireside chat about Life Mastery, what it looks like in our lives, what are some of the things to expect as we become more conscious and aware of the way we show up and interact with our lives. Tune in live 10 am Tuesdays on Contact Talk Radio

‘Dr. John Demartini is one of the greatest minds and illuminating teachers on the planet. The clarity of his teachings will inspire billions.’ – Rhonda Byrne – Bestselling author and executive producer of – “The Secret”

Johns website

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Harnessing the power of Gratitude

January 31st, 2010 Guest: Doug Vermeeren Join me in a fireside chat with Doug and his new movie “The Gratitude Experiment” among other topics that are sure to come up in our discussion like achievement, management, leadership, business, finance, relationships and health. Tune in at 10 am Tuesday January 31st on Contact Talk Radio, I guarantee you will get some great nuggets for you to Master your life.
Gratitude is considered on of the most powerful forces in the world. But can it really make a difference? Can it change your relationships? Your financial situation? Your health?
Some experts believe it can. But what does it really take to harness the power of gratitude? Will it make a difference in your own life? How have you been missing out on this hidden secret force? Find out in this captivating quest to unravel the mysterious power of Gratitude.
Doug’s website
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Doorways of Unconditional Love

January 24th, 2012 Guest: Marci Shimoff, International bestselling author, featured teacher in The Secret joins us at 10:00 am PT with Todd Alan to discuss her latest book, Love for No Reason and 7 steps for Creating a Life of Unconditional Love. A revolutionary program to live within a deep and lasting state of unconditional love we can access at any time, in any circumstance. As one of the bestselling female nonfiction authors of all time she has inspired Millions of people worldwide and is dedicated to assisting people to live more empowered and joy-filled lives. Jan. 24,10:00 am PT on Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan Visit Marci at: Our “Spot Light” guest at 10:40 am PT, is Claudia Davis. Author and 20 year master in alternative healing will share & demonstrate her gift of Archangel Clearings. Interested in clearing and eliminating undesired contracts of present & past agreements that create feelings of being stuck in your life? Through this unique process one experiences painless releasing of roadblock events without trauma or a healing crisis within the multidimensional aspects of their life producing a sense of renewal and well being that propels you towards the walk into your greatest possibility to achieve your “Soul’s Mission”.

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Release Your Limiting beliefs and FOLLOW your dreams.

January 17th, 2012 Guest: Sherry Gaba. My Featured guest is Sherry Gaba, author of “The Law of Sobriety.” She is a life coach, published author and an expert in the fields of parenting, single parenting, divorce, and relationships. Sherry Gaba,LCSW, is the go-to expert for Dr. Drew Pinsky on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab show. Received the Gold Medal Winner of the 2011 Living Now Award for Survival/Recovery.She currently blogs about recovery and spirituality on, the #1 Spirituality website. Visit her at and read her blogs at and BeliefNet.Com. For a free download visit her site:
My Spotlight guest is: Amy Henderson, founder of “The Geezer Gallery” in Portland, Or., a place “where seniors are celebrated for their unique life experiences, contributions, and wisdom.” Here our Elders redefine themselves as valuable contributors and create masterful art and recapture their true essence to share with the world. The Geezer Gallery has recently been featured nationally with AARP, PBS, The New York Times and on KATU and OPB. Find out more at

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Living in the Mystery of Life

January 10th, 2012 Guest: Dennis Merritt Jones. Dennis Merritt Jones is a visionary, author and leading expert in human potential, inspiring those who seek solutions to living a better life.Dennis supports an understanding that every one of us has a responsibility to contribute something positive to our world, while having fun and enjoying the freedom to live in the great mystery of life. Also joining Todd Alan is Doug Daniels, author of “YOU are God’s Best Idea” join us as we feature one of the NorthWest’s upcoming inspirations.

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Make your life count with Annie Burnside

January 3rd, 2012 Guest: Annie Burnside. Annie is a modern bridge between the mainstream and the mystical, Annie Burnside, M.Ed., is a soul nurturer, author, public speaker and teacher specializing in conscious relationships and spiritual development. As a soul nurturer, she helps others awaken to their own personal truths by providing spiritual support and encouragement while offering tools to balance their inner world with the exterior world. Listen in as two modern day wizards have a fireside chat on what it takes to make your life count. Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan every Tuesday at 10 am



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