A Life Key, that will open the door to infinite possibility. ~ Joel Young

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Life Mastery Radio May 7th, 2013 Guest: Joel Young Joel Young is the Originator of NPA, a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness and a genuine 21st Century Heretic, with over 16 years experience of healing & teaching internationally. In his inspiring talks and seminars, Joel shares the NPA Process and its message, asking you: “Are you ready for profound positive change that comes this easy?”

Joel is renowned for his dynamic, humorous and clear delivery and has a knack for communicating the essence of a topic in a simple, heartfelt and easy to digest way.

“NPA is a ‘Child of the new paradigm’ – a brand new approach which ‘shines the light’ from a new angle and meets today’s ‘problem’ energies with the speed, simplicity & quantum effortlessness they are calling for.
NPA stands for Non-Personal Awareness, and the little, 6 line, spoken-word, NPA process gracefully and powerfully threads into your consciousness, the awareness of the energetic nature of what you are focused on, and the realisation that it is not personal.
It’s not personal because at a quantum level, infinite potential exists everywhere. To put that another way, everything exists everywhere simultaneously and we selectively experience that which we ‘tune in to’. The impact of applying NPA is phenomenal. People are reporting huge shifts in consciousness, allowing them to experience relief and flow where they have been blocked for years, and an opening to allow their dreams to finally manifest.”

Here is a short video explaining NPA

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