5th dimensional healing and Healing with our inner potential with Zarathustra and Roberta Swartz

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June 26th, 2012 Featured Guest:  Zarathustra’s healing and self awakening path began at the age of 21. He studied different schools of mysticism such as Sufism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, and was led to a number of different teachers and healers. Zarathustra’s path towards his own awakening was the bridge that led him to serve first as a healer where he soon discovered his calling to teach and serve others as he has been served by his teachers. Check out his work at:  http://5thdimensionalhealing.com

“In order to access the 5th dimensional realm a porthole must first be opened. This is important for allowing all the work to be done in 5th dimension. The healer raises his personal vibration to that of the 5th dimension, which is everybody’s base natural program. Then when working on an individual, the healer can teach the person to raise their vibration to that level. This process reminds the cells of the body of the original program they were born with.”



Spotlight Guest:  Roberta Swartz has published what she calls a “self-health” book titled, Me, Myself, and Mind: Reclaim Your Self, Your Health, and Your Life.  Roberta says, “I believe that we all have the power to heal our body with our mind. Helping people learn to work with their natural abilities for creating true health and happiness is my passion.”  Roberta is a certified clinical Hypnotherapist, founder and director of the Hypnotism Center of Western Montana, Inc.  Check out her website: http://www.hypnosis4yourlife.com

“When we understand the truths about hypnosis we take an important step towards acceptance of our inner potential. This knowing opens our abilities, allowing us to take an active role in creating personal health. We can benefit from the intrinsic qualities of mind when we personally development these natural abilities. The skills of hypnosis, and self hypnosis offer deep relaxation and allow us to access our subconscious mind for personal improvement on every level.”

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